The Top 3 Managed Print Services Benefits For Small To Medium Sized Businesses

The Managed Print Services movement has been surging throughout Canada and in particular here in Ontario. It would seem that our province has become the trendsetter in forward-thinking printing.

While many cutting-edge printing experts are already reaping the benefits of MPS, many others yet are intrigued by the sweeping changes and are asking us if they too could benefit from the movement. In order to personally assess what benefits MPS holds for them, we ask them 3 illuminating questions:

• Do you currently track all company cell phone usage?
• Do you currently track all company fuel expenses?
• Do you currently track all company print and print-related charges?

Without fault the responses we get each and every time are: yes, yes and no. These answers make for ideal MPS candidates, because this shows them how “office print” is the last unaudited company expense—one that has eluded evaluation for decades.

What MPS does is illuminate the unaudited nature of printing, and sucks out cost savings like a vampire having their first meal.

MPS leverages 3 Key Benefits to everyday office printing expenses and they include:

1. Cost Visibility – the first thing MPS does is monitor your print usage and show you exactly who is printing where and how much? This exposes what your true printing costs are, and once it is compared with the cost-per-page you understand just how much money you are spending daily, monthly and annually. This cost visibility also maps out your print environment, telling you how many different brands and types (laser, desktop ink jet, etc.) of printers you are currently using.

2. Cost Control 
- once you know what your print environment needs and goals are you can begin controlling your costs with end-user controls—most specifically when it comes to budget-draining colour printing.

3. Cost Savings – when you understand how much you are printing (and the where, when and who?) and you begin controlling your printing output, only then can you realize true cost savings. And you will save, because conservative estimates project that a well-run MPS program saves 10-40% off your bottom line.

The feedback we hear the most, beyond how easy an MPS implementation is, is how IT managers and CIOs/CFOs are able to turn that cost savings to get a passion project off the ground—even ones that have been lying around the floor of the budget room for years.

The 3 benefits above only scratch the surface of what MPS is all about, for more info with specifics about how you can save money with MPS, click HERE for our exclusive whitepaper, “How to Reduce your Office Print Expenses” by 30% in 30 Days?”.

Save 30% in 30 days on your print costs