Mobile Device Management



People, Process and Technology

RIS demolishes the cost and complexities of your mobile environment by managing your end user support, your Telco plans, your devices and your security for you. We provide all of the key requirements for an effective Managed Mobile Services solution and we own total accountability; for ALL of it.
Reduced costs are just the icing on the cake! We simplify HR, IT, billing, internal cost allocation, we protect your data, secure your network, ensure you use every second you pay for, and-best of all we make it so your people never have to fight the cumbersome and lethargic support systems of your mobile-telco again. Contact us to see how we can lower your bills – fast.

RIS utilizes a combination of role-based support, standard processes and proprietary software applications to improve an organization’s cost, control, and visibility of cellular users, devices and environments. RIS Managed Mobile services and solutions optimize your organization’s mobility management, provides process automation and standardization, and delivers a platform for cellular device management.

End User support

On average 35% of corporate help desk calls are related to cellular issues or challenges related to mobility. These issues or requests require extensive knowledge of carriers, and multiple device and network platforms in order to effectively resolve.

  • Employee Self Service (ESS)
  • Full Service Help Desk

Carrier and Expense Management

Studies have shown that the employees in organizations spend 5-10 minutes per month per device monitoring usage, generating reports, procuring hardware, and evaluating technology and plan options.

  • Accounts Payable coding and invoice processing
  • Contract assurance
  • Monthly bill auditing
  • Carrier requests and maintenance

Employee Productivity and Safety

Improving mobility costs and decreasing lost productivity from technology misuse in an organization requires employee engagement and awareness.

  • End user usage behaviour
  • Policy enforcement
  • Fast and efficient trouble resolution


Improving mobility costs and decreasing lost productivity from technology mis-use in an organization requires employee engagement and awareness.

  • Divisional expense Notifications
  • End user usage behaviour
  • End User Expense Notifications
  • Trending and historic usage and expense reporting

Device Procurement and Lifecycle

Organizations often fail to track their mobility assets. Size of the device, personal nature of the device, high turnover rates, and lack of standards between employee and company ownership have been used as reasons not to properly manage the lifecycle of this technology.

  • Device procurement and replacement
  • Asset and Line Management and recovery
  • Multi-Carrier Dealer Integration