How Can a Print Assessment Help Your Business?

Many customers that we speak with on a daily basis don’t really understand how a print assessment can help their business. Some think that the assessment will require a substantial investment of their time, while others believe that if an assessment is conducted then they are obligated to buy something new. Well the short answer is this; a professional print assessment requires very little time from the customer’s side and there is typically “no obligation” to acquire new equipment.

Here are three quick questions to determine if your business could benefit from a print assessment:

1. Do you know how many printers you have?
2. Do you know how much you spend on print every year?
3. Do you know how much paper your business consumes annually?

If you answered “I have no idea” or “I’m not sure” to any of the questions above then a print assessment may be viable a fit for your business.

When it comes to print, industry statistics indicate that currently, 90% of North American companies today have no idea how much they spend and that between 1 to 3% of corporate revenues are spent. With the current economy causing increased visibility of expenses and a focus on cost control and cost reduction, a print assessment can help you get a handle on your numbers as they are related to document output. Here’s how:

• Print expenses are often untracked or hidden in departmental budgets. Because of this, printing and document production can result in a bigger expense than you might expect.

• If your print environment is unmanaged, you are essentially allowing every employee to make a buying decision each time they decide to click their mouse and select print. With black-and-white printing running at a cost of approximately 2.5-cents (based on cost-per-impression, paper and toner costs) and colour prints ranging anywhere between 7-cents to 50-cents depending on the device and supply variables, it is important to have some control over what is printed and how often. If you use ink jet printers in your business then your costs can be even higher, often at more than $1 per page.

The answer to the obvious question of why you should complete a print assessment is that it provides an immediate snapshot of the print usage and associated costs across your entire document output fleet. With the use of the proper technology and information, you can be provided with an inclusive and detailed overview of your printing practices and expenses with a clear direction of cost savings and potential cost control moving forward.

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