SMBs: Protect your Data

For many small and medium businesses, data security is not a top priority – but it should be. Each year, thousands of SMBs fall victim to cyberattacks, costing them thousands of dollars and sometimes destroying the business. Developing a security protocol with the help of a Managed IT provider is the best defense against this growing crime.

SMBs are a target. 

60% of SMB owners consider data breaches to not be a major risk for their company. This mentality comes from the misbelief that their data is not valuable and criminals will not waste their time on a small business. The truth is that all Social Insurance numbers, credit card information and other sensitive data has value to these thieves. If you leave the door open, there is a chance they will steal your data, causing losses for your company and your clients.

SMBs don’t have the resources to secure their businesses. 

Developing and maintaining a robust security environment requires expertise in digital security. With understaffed IT departments, many SMBs are not equipped to tackle the job of securing their data. Hackers are aware of this gap, and will use it to expose the weaknesses in your system.

Help is available.

Fortunately, you can get an expertly designed security protocol on your budget that will help protect you from cyber attacks. Managed IT providers have the expertise to analyze your system and develop strategies that can protect your business. Working within your budgetary means, they will put together and maintain a robust data security plan for you.

For many SMBs, data security is not a top priority, leaving them vulnerable to cyber attacks that have expensive and lasting ramifications. Don’t become a statistic; with the help of a Managed IT provider, you can afford a security protocol that will protect your sensitive data and keep your business running in the face of ever-changing cyber risks.

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