Do You Have a Mobile Strategy? What You Need to Know.

Not that long ago, to be successful with “online marketing”, all you needed was a website. But with the rise of mobile phones and tablets, a website is no longer enough. 51% of digital media is now accessed on a mobile device. Without a mobile strategy, your business could get lost in the shuffle.

Developing a Mobile Strategy

More than 10% of North American users exclusively use their mobile devices and 91% of adults have their smartphones with them all day (and night!). Millennials are especially reliant on their phones having grown up surrounded by this technology. Knowing how to access these important consumers with a mobile strategy is essential for the growth and success of your business. Here’s what you should consider when developing your policy:

  • Understand Mobile Device Requirements – Websites designed to be viewed on a computer often do not view well on a smaller-sized mobile screen. Websites optimized for mobile must have a clean design, attractive visuals and reduced amounts of text per page. Website navigation should be intuitive and responsive so viewers can find the information they need easily and quickly.
  • Utilize Apps – Apps allow you to build an ongoing relationship with your customers with a satisfying user experience. Click-to-call, video chats, and other interactive features allow customers to easily connect with your company.
  • Mobile Shopping – Even when shopping in-store, 75% of customers use a mobile device for price comparisons and product reviews and half of all travel or restaurant mobile searches lead to a purchase. It is critical that your point of contact with search results be a positive experience. Google is now lowering the priority of websites that are not mobile friendly.
  • Mobile Marketing – 95% of coupons sent by text message are opened within 15 minutes and 22% are shared with friends. Consumers enjoy the convenience of mobile marketing, allowing them to have coupons and ads with them wherever they are.

Mobile is where your customers are. By making your website mobile-responsive, you’re giving today’s consumers and prospects an easy and preferred way to locate your business. Having a mobile strategy is an essential investment for your company.

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