Control Your Print Costs in 2020 with Managed Print

A recent Deloitte survey of 1200 senior executives found that 71% planned to implement cost controls in the next 24 months. This same survey found that these same executives also hope to launch new technologies over the same time period. So how can businesses cut costs while also spending on new technology?

A Managed Print Services solution can help.

A Managed Print Services provider can help transform your print fleet and lower your costs by as much as 30%. They’ll provide analytics, better management and strategic deployment of your print technology, all while cutting costs and increasing productivity.

Here are some examples of savings you can expect when you work with an MPS provider:


An MPS provider will help you realize savings on consumables like toner. They’ll implement “just-in-time” ordering so you won’t waste money stockpiling supplies or experience downtime while you wait for your supplies to arrive.


An MPS provider will also help you to streamline your print fleet by identifying devices that could be retired or reallocated and suggesting new technology that will increase your efficiency, within your budget. Maintenance and repairs are covered under a single monthly invoice so you won’t have to worry about unexpected expenses due to a breakdown.

IT Costs

This is one of the biggest savings you’ll enjoy. How much time does your IT team spend on print and printer-related issues? An MPS solution includes print monitoring and routine service, freeing your IT team to focus on mission-critical tasks.

An MPS provider can help you save money, and operate more sustainably too! You’ll reduce waste, paper use and consumables, and use more efficient equipment lowering your energy use and carbon footprint. Plus, you’ll enjoy predictable costs with a fixed monthly invoice. Ready to learn more? Contact us for a free print assessment today!