4 Benefits of Managed Print Services

Print is a business necessity, and having a print strategy is important to controlling costs and running an efficient print environment. Why, then, do many companies overlook this important step? Often, there are just other tasks that are higher priority, and developing a print strategy slips through the cracks. With Managed Print Services, you can get the print strategy you need and many associated benefits, including:

1. A fully managed print environment – Today’s print environment can be complex. An MPS provider can take on all of your print challenges to create a streamlined print strategy incorporating all of your needs, as well as your budget. An MPS provider can create a customized print strategy specifically for your company.

2. Streamlined service and troubleshooting – Printers are essential to your everyday operations, so when one goes down it can grind productivity to a halt. With MPS, you can get comprehensive and streamlined service, including preventative maintenance to minimize downtime. From help desk availability to emergency repairs, your MPS provider has print experts to service your printers, freeing up your IT team to do other revenue-generating tasks instead of tending to print problems.

3. Automatic supply refills – Many companies do not have a print supply refill strategy, so they typically order supplies as needed. However, this can lead to situations where you fully run out of supplies – causing expensive downtime – or having too many supplies on hand, taking up valuable space. MPS can track your print usage to have supplies delivered exactly when you need them.

4. Cost savings – Print can cost as much as 10% of your annual revenue, making it a significant expense. With MPS, you can cut those costs by as much as 30%. With a strategic print plan, preventative maintenance, and other techniques, partnering with an MPS provider can save you money.

Managed Print Services takes the management of your print environment off your to-do list. From service calls to supplies, your MPS provider can handle everything – letting you take care of your business, instead of your printers. With many benefits, including significant cost savings, MPS may be the right choice for your company. Got questions? Give us a call to learn more or to schedule a free no-obligation print assessment.