When Was the Last Time You Showed Your Copier Some Love?

Copiers can be found in nearly every office across the country, keeping our workdays humming along smoothly. While technology has made significant advancements towards efficiency, performance and image quality, care must be taken to keep your equipment reliable and in good working order.

Read on for some insider tips you can use to make the most of your investment, save money on the cost of repairs, and increase productivity in your office.

  • Make a match. Choose your copier based on the requirements of the department it is intended for. A copier that is over or under-utilized will need more frequent repairs than one which operates at its monthly rated volume.
  • Educate your staff. Chances are when it comes to your copier, most employees work on a need to know basis, learning only the most basic functions such as how to log in securely and print, copy or scan. Provide more in-depth training to ensure all who use the machine understand how to operate it safely and efficiently.
  • Take a break. Save on the cost of energy and prolong the lifespan of your copier by turning it off, or placing it in hibernation mode when not in use.
  • Keep it clean. One of the biggest contributors to dust is paper. To prevent these minute particles from entering and potentially damaging the internal components of your copier, be sure to vacuum out the paper drawers on a regular basis. Additional cleaning tips include routine wiping of the glass, banning food and drink from around the equipment, and following maintenance guidelines set by the manufacturer.
  • Be careful. Sharp objects such as staples or paper clips can cause permanent damage to the platen—the glass surface where you place paper. Be sure to remove all extraneous materials from documents before using the copier, as scratches can effect the image quality.
  • Protect your information. Once your copier is at the end of its lifespan, ensure the internal hard drive is either removed and destroyed, or wiped clean of all your sensitive data.
  • Choose a partner. The right Managed Print Services provider will ensure your print equipment continues to operate at peak efficiency through routine maintenance, equipment monitoring, and preventive repairs, to maximize productivity and copier uptime.

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