What Makes One MFP Different Than Another?

Are you considering a new multifunction printer for your office? As you start your search, the features and capabilities of these devices may look very similar. While all of these machines may offer the same ability to print, copy, fax, and scan there are some significant differences that you’ll want to keep in mind.

What level of security does the system come with?

Since MFPs are networked, contain hard drives, store memory, and have access to the Internet, they can pose a potential security risk for your business. As a result, you need to seriously consider the level of security that your MFP offers.

There are two basic levels of security that are available. With a single sub-system option, it may or may not be included with the equipment, and there will likely be an additional monthly cost to keep your MFP secure. The other option is full system security, which means that all aspects of the machine are certifiably secure from an outside threat.

Does the MFP offer mobile printing?

There is an increasing demand in the workplace for this feature, but there are some important questions you should ask about this capability to avoid problems down the road. Such questions include how secure the machine’s mobile capabilities are, which mobile devices are compatible with the mobile printing option, and if there is additional cost to enable mobile printing.

What type of print engine does the MFP have?

There are two basic engine types: a cartridge based system and a drum based system. While a cartridge based system has a lot of components that need to frequently be replaced, less onsite maintenance is required. Drum based systems do require routine maintenance from a service technician.

What type of warranty does the MFP have?

What level of service is offered? Know the length of the warranty and who is providing it: the equipment manufacturer or the reseller. Be sure that warranty is written into your lease and service agreement.

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