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11 Sep

Finding a Managed IT Services Provider Who Will Work For You

Businesses of all sizes are turning to Managed IT Services to help them manage their hardware, software, data management, virus protection and security needs.  If you are looking for a Managed Print Services provider for your business, here are some things to keep in mind: Your Unique Needs – A Managed IT provider works for you

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20 May

4 Ways to Avoid a Ransomware Attack

If you were locked out of your computer system, how much would you pay to get back in? Hackers are increasingly finding out that many companies are willing to pay hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars per machine, resulting in over $24 million in ransom payments last year alone. Ransomware attacks are on the rise,

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SMBs: Protect Your Data, RIS Solutions, ON
24 Aug

SMBs: Protect your Data

For many small and medium businesses, data security is not a top priority – but it should be. Each year, thousands of SMBs fall victim to cyberattacks, costing them thousands of dollars and sometimes destroying the business. Developing a security protocol with the help of a Managed IT provider is the best defense against this growing crime.

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Six Crucial Items To Include In Your IT Security Policy , RIS Solutions
29 Feb

Six Crucial Items To Include In Your IT Security Policy

The approach you take with your IT security policy can have a direct effect on the impact of impending breaches and the mitigation of threats. While large organizations can rely on their IT managers to take responsibility for this critical task, small and mid-sized business managers often find themselves in the position of having to write

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17 Dec

5 Steps to Prevent Malware Attacks

Malware attacks can compromise your entire network costing you time, money and your reputation. Because this malicious software can infect a computer through an email attachment, link, or download, every employee must know some basic rules to protect the security of your company. Periodic training should be performed to keep everyone up to date on

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outsourcing IT
13 Aug

Three Ways Managed IT Benefits SMBs

Technology seems to be changing faster today than it ever did before. Many believe that every month our technology is evolving in significant ways—and it can be difficult for small to medium sized businesses to keep up. In fact, many SMBs simply don’t have the money or resources needed to continually upgrade and maintain their technology and

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