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Here's How You Can Print Securely | RIS Solutions, Owen Sound, ON
23 Oct

Here’s How You Can Print Securely

A hacker named @HackerGiraffe last year launched a worldwide hack by searching a list of publicly available printers and then writing a script; thousands of printers around the world then began printing out their messages. It was that easy. The office printer is often overlooked when it comes to a digital security strategy. Hackers understand

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20 May

The Most Common Cyber Attacks Threatening Small Businesses Today

Want to know the fastest growing crime to threaten small business? Cyber theft is on the rise, and small businesses are prime targets as they typically lack the resources and technology to keep ahead of sophisticated cyberattacks. In fact, almost half of all cyber attacks impact small businesses. A security breach can be damaging to

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29 Jan

Look For These Important Security Features in Your Next Printer

Data security is something that every business big or small needs to take seriously. In fact, a 2017 report from smallbiz.com found that 43% of cyberattacks target small businesses. Even more concerning is that 60% of small companies that are attacked go out of business within six months. But in order to protect against risks

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