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15 Jul

The True Cost of Inkjet Printers Might Surprise You

That inkjet printer you have in your office might be costing you more than it’s worth. While many like the convenience of having personal inkjet printers, the cost of the ink they require can really add up. The shocking truth is that ink is one of the most expensive liquids around. One report states that it

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17 Nov

More than Just Printing, Maximize Your MPS Experience

As business becomes more complicated, more companies are turning to Managed Print Services to help them control print and IT. MPS providers can help you to better utilize and optimize your existing infrastructure, work with your IT staff to manage your technology and improve your overall workflow. But MPS goes far beyond these tasks. MPS professionals

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18 Jun

Paying Extra for Scanned Images on Your New Digital Copier?

The financial challenges that we have faced in Ontario and throughout Canada over the past several years have forced companies to step back and take a hard look at their overall operations and the way that they conduct business. Today, it’s necessary to analyze every dollar spent. For some it is a time for creative,

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23 Apr

How Can a Print Assessment Help Your Business?

Many customers that we speak with on a daily basis don’t really understand how a print assessment can help their business. Some think that the assessment will require a substantial investment of their time, while others believe that if an assessment is conducted then they are obligated to buy something new. Well the short answer

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