Control Your Paper with ConnectKey

Employees in companies across the country deal daily with stacks of paperwork to get their jobs done; taking up precious time, money and other resources. Converting paper documents to digital files can make finding the information you need fast and easy, and improve collaboration and organization. Xerox ConnectKey technology provides the tools to manage your print environment, as well as powerful scanning to digitize your existing paper documents to reduce you reliance on paper.

Mobile Scanning and Scanning to the Cloud

Two of the key features of Xerox ConnectKey-enabled multifunction printers are the ability to print from the cloud and your mobile devices. This technology carries over to scanning. With a ConnectKey-enabled multifunction printer, you can scan directly to the cloud from the MFP. Using popular services including Dropbox and Google Drive, you can easily scan, organize, and share your documents to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Smartphones allow you to do work on the go, but if that work involves paper documents, you can find your productivity hindered. However, with the Mobile Link app, your smartphone becomes a scanner, allowing you to scan images, and then configure and initiate jobs on the go.

Search and Edit Scanned Documents

When you use digital files, you can easily search by keyword for the information you need. ConnectKey allows you to scan to a searchable PDF, so you can take advantage of this feature even on scanned documents. When you can search your documents for the information you need, productivity increases and frustration decreases.

Sometimes you do not have access to the original file a document came from, such as with older items. This creates a problem if you need to edit or update it. ConnectKey technology allows you to scan a document and convert it to an editable file, making all your paper items usable digital files with the click of a button.

Digital is changing the world, but it can still be difficult to conquer the piles of paper that clutter up your office desk. With ConnectKey technology, the solution is as close as your ConnectKey-enabled MFP. With a wide range of scanning capabilities, you can easily convert your paper documents to digital files that can be searched, organized, edited, and shared, so you can enjoy all the benefits a digital office can bring.

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Control Your Paper with ConnectKey