Providing quality service in an expeditious manner isn’t easy.  Finding the funding and the resources in today’s economy can also be a daunting task for most government organizations.  That’s where we can help.

At RIS, our exclusive programs for Government funded organizations are designed to help you reduce your print related expenses, improve staff productivity and elevate the service levels you provide.

As a leader within your organization, you can probably relate to these real world challenges affecting government organizations today:

  • Budget cuts
  • Expense control requirements
  • Transitioning from paper to digital records
  • Information security
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Reactive print consumables ordering


As a leading product and service provider in the government marketplace, we have the technology, support, best practices and subject matter experts to help you reduce your expenses and improve the productivity of your people.

To help you uncover hidden operating expenses that you could reallocate to higher priority projects, RIS offers an assessment service that will quickly provide you with an inventory of all your print related equipment, usage activities, and costs. This complimentary assessment service will provide you with fact based insights on your current print environment and allow you to identify opportunities to save money, avoid waste, and streamline document output and workflow to improve operational efficiency.

We’re proud of the business relationships we’ve formed with so many government funded organizations in our community and here are some common business outcomes you too can achieve by partnering with RIS:

  • Cost Reduction typically in the range of 30%
  • Budget control & predictability
  • Service level improvement
  • Employee satisfaction & productivity
  • Eliminate waste
  • Greener print strategy

Contact RIS today to learn more about our exclusive current state assessment service for Government!