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Digital Invoicing - What You Need to Know | RIS Solutions
24 Sep

Digital Invoicing – What You Need to Know

When it comes to running a business there’s one thing you can’t do without: a reliable way for managing your invoices. Customers want, and expect, prompt and accurate billing, which can be a struggle if your accounts payable department isn’t running efficiently. Switching to digital invoices may be the boost you need to improve how

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Doing Digital: The Challenges of Converting Document Workflows | RIS Solutions
07 Aug

Doing Digital: The Challenges of Converting Document Workflows

Despite today’s technological advancements, as much as 80% of business information is still paper-based. Digital workflows have a number of benefits, but many companies find the conversion process intimidating. Will the investment be worth it? How will it impact your business? Will it really improve customer service? The answer for most companies is “yes.” The

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28 Mar

Why Your Organization Needs to Take Advantage of Electronic Document Management

Although we’re immersed in digital technology on a daily basis, the majority of small businesses are still relying on paper-based processes. The challenge is that today’s businesses are tasked with producing more with fewer people, and a paper-intensive workplace impedes productivity by requiring employees to keep up with all of the paperwork. Fortunately, organizations that

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The Benefits of Digital Workflows for SMBS, RIS Solutions
20 Dec

The Benefits of Digital Workflows for SMBS

There’s a reason large corporations are moving to digital workflows: paper is costing you money, and a lot of it. As a small business owner, you need to carefully monitor your resources to stay competitive, but many SMBs are hesitating to go paperless. Making the switch could have dramatic, positive, effects on your business. The

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28 Mar

Control Your Paper with ConnectKey

Employees in companies across the country deal daily with stacks of paperwork to get their jobs done; taking up precious time, money and other resources. Converting paper documents to digital files can make finding the information you need fast and easy, and improve collaboration and organization. Xerox ConnectKey technology provides the tools to manage your print environment, as

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19 Nov

5 Ways to Significantly Reduce Paper Usage in the Workplace

There has most certainly been a movement towards a paperless office in recent years. While it may not be realistic for your business to go completely paperless, there are some steps you can take to stop wasting paper and start boosting productivity in the workplace. Here are five practical strategies for significantly reducing the amount of paper

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15 May

10 Power Stats Supporting Document Management

There is no question that businesses of all sizes are going digital, and this certainly does not stop with document management. Many workplaces now have a goal of going paperless with their document storage, which will provide an enormous amount of advantages such as easy access, cost savings, and added security. Many SMB owners are not aware

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