What Managed Print Services Means for Your Business

You’ve probably heard of the term “Managed Print Services” before, but do you really know what it means and what it can do for your business? Managed Print Services, also referred to as MPS, helps businesses of all sizes gain visibility and control of their printing activities with an eye towards saving money and increasing efficiency and productivity.

Managed Print Services encompasses your entire print environment including the management and optimization of print-related devices and the business processes you use daily to support your printing including: all output produced by your office staff and mobile employees, desktop and high volume printers, scanners, technical service, maintenance and consumables management. An MPS provider can also help you with other important initiatives, such as improving environmental sustainability and document security.

The Savings Managed Print Services Can Offer to Your Organization

While printing costs are often overlooked, they can account for as much as 15 percent of a business’s annual spending. If you don’t have a good grip on your printing expenses, taking advantage of MPS can provide your organization significant savings. In some cases, Managed Print Services can cut costs by as much as 30 percent.

How to Choose the Right Managed Print Services Partner

So now that you have a better understanding of what Managed Print Services entails, how can you identify the right MPS provider for your organization?

Here are some qualities of a good MPS provider:

  • Conducts a thorough print assessment on the front-end to analyze your current printing infrastructure.
  • Monitors, manages, and optimizes every aspect of your print environment.
  • Provides you with a clear plan to reduce waste associated from printing while also addressing your business’ needs.
  • Proactively identifies printing issues before they interrupt your workflow.
  • Enables employees to easily and securely print from mobile devices.
  • Offers solutions to convert slow and inefficient paper-based processes to digital.
  • Trains employees for a smooth transition to the new print environment.

The right MPS provider for your business should be able to seamlessly manage your print infrastructure while you concentrate on running your business. To find out if Managed Print Services is the right fit for your organization, contact us for a complimentary print assessment today.

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