Waste Not: How MPS Can Help You Reduce Your Office Waste

Today is Earth Day, and what better time for companies to investigate and start implementing green policies that can help the environment and their bottom lines!

If there is one indication of waste in a workplace, it’s the sight of a copy or printer room overflowing with abandoned hard copies and used-up toner cartridges. Even if that squandered paper is deposited into a recycling bin, the company would have made more strides by never having produced that kind of overflow.

But hitting the “print” button is ingrained in many minds. So it’s sometimes difficult to remember that every hard copy – and think of the abandoned paper you’ve seen printed in lush colour, featuring toner-draining images and logos – costs your company money and wastes valuable resources.

Is there a viable way to reduce waste in your print environment while still meeting the needs of a diverse and sometimes remote collaborative workforce?


A Managed Print Services (MPS) program is designed to optimize your print fleet by reducing redundancies, fostering best practices and establishing a more eco-friendly, sustainable print policy.

And all those benefits don’t have to drain your budget. In fact, the goal of an MPS program is to cut print costs by …

  • Identifying gaps and overlaps in your print fleet
  • Replacing energy-wasting equipment more efficient devices, placed strategically to serve the people who need it most
  • Implementing cloud-based services to encourage online document sharing and storage
  • Training users on practices that preserve paper and toner such as black and white, two-sided printing


Productivity improves when users don’t have to worry about constantly producing, collating, routing and filing hard copies – and the savings in paper and toner can be dramatic when an office no longer relies on print documentation.

At the same time, an MPS program takes care of just-in-time supply management and recycling.

Go Greener for a Better Workplace

Even a modestly budgeted SMB can create a smaller environmental footprint and save printer costs by outsourcing print functions to a Managed Print Services provider. Talk to an MPS representative about a complimentary workplace assessment.

If you are curious as to how your office’s printing practices compare to other businesses, take our SMB Office Challenge today!

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