The True Cost of Inkjet Printers Might Surprise You

That inkjet printer you have in your office might be costing you more than it’s worth. While many like the convenience of having personal inkjet printers, the cost of the ink they require can really add up.

The shocking truth is that ink is one of the most expensive liquids around. One report states that it would cost a BILLION dollars just to fill up a personal swimming pool with ink. That’s a lot of dough for ink!

Let’s compare:

•Milk costs $0.02 per ounce
Champagne can reach $4.54 per ounce
Blood is $10.83 per ounce
Inkjet Printer Ink is $32.99 per ounce

Wow. Inkjet printer ink is worth more than blood! That could make your financial team’s blood run cold. Many companies don’t consider the costs of toner or ink when they make their printer purchases, but as you can see it shouldn’t be ignored.

How to cut your company’s inkjet costs? Start with a print assessment

You may want to consider taking advantage of a professional print assessment that can help you determine just how many printers you have in your workplace and what your needs are. Many companies find out that they have more printers than they thought.

Put printing controls and print rules in place

By limiting your printing, you’re limiting your ink, right? It’s a good idea to start thinking of printing rules—especially if your printers are primarily inkjet. Most inkjet cartridges say that they will last for five hundred printouts, but that depends on your paper coverage. Limiting large graphics and photos in your printing can really help.  Defaulting your printer to black and white may help reduce colour ink costs.

Ask about our free print assessment

If you are looking for the answer to your inkjet printing costs, or any printing need, we are here to help. We can assess your needs with your budget in mind and help you make a plan.

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