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11 Sep

Finding a Managed IT Services Provider Who Will Work For You

Businesses of all sizes are turning to Managed IT Services to help them manage their hardware, software, data management, virus protection and security needs.  If you are looking for a Managed Print Services provider for your business, here are some things to keep in mind: Your Unique Needs – A Managed IT provider works for you

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SMBs: Protect Your Data, RIS Solutions, ON
24 Aug

SMBs: Protect your Data

For many small and medium businesses, data security is not a top priority – but it should be. Each year, thousands of SMBs fall victim to cyberattacks, costing them thousands of dollars and sometimes destroying the business. Developing a security protocol with the help of a Managed IT provider is the best defense against this growing crime.

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Six Crucial Items To Include In Your IT Security Policy , RIS Solutions
29 Feb

Six Crucial Items To Include In Your IT Security Policy

The approach you take with your IT security policy can have a direct effect on the impact of impending breaches and the mitigation of threats. While large organizations can rely on their IT managers to take responsibility for this critical task, small and mid-sized business managers often find themselves in the position of having to write

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17 Dec

5 Steps to Prevent Malware Attacks

Malware attacks can compromise your entire network costing you time, money and your reputation. Because this malicious software can infect a computer through an email attachment, link, or download, every employee must know some basic rules to protect the security of your company. Periodic training should be performed to keep everyone up to date on

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16 Oct

Could You Pass the Password Test?

Hacking happens on a regular basis – that’s simply a fact of life on the Internet. Even as network security measures become more sophisticated, so does the technology that enables unauthorized users into a website to swipe identification, access bank account numbers and find other confidential data. No business, not matter how large or powerful,

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outsourcing IT
13 Aug

Three Ways Managed IT Benefits SMBs

Technology seems to be changing faster today than it ever did before. Many believe that every month our technology is evolving in significant ways—and it can be difficult for small to medium sized businesses to keep up. In fact, many SMBs simply don’t have the money or resources needed to continually upgrade and maintain their technology and

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what your business needs to know about the cloud
26 Mar

What Your Business Needs to Know About Cloud Computing

These days everyone seems to be buzzing about cloud computing. But what is it exactly? The reason why so many businesses are moving to “the cloud” is that it eliminates the need for traditional software and hardware models and instead allows users to access these applications through the Internet. This can be extremely advantageous to your

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Technology's Next Big Things
31 Jan

What Are Technology’s Next Big Trends?

Just when you think you’ve seen every remarkable gadget imaginable, technology shows once again that it evolves at hyper speed – not just in the way products are created, but in the way they are integrated into our lives. For 2015, Gartner, one of the world’s leading information technology and advisory companies, has pinpointed several tech trends

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SMB Vulnerable to Cyber Attack
23 Dec

SMBs are Highly Vulnerable to Cyber Attack

There are plenty of examples of recent internet security breaches with large companies.  But small and medium sized businesses are just as vulnerable to a cyber attack – if not more so. Any size business can be infiltrated through different types of internet vulnerabilities.  Many small and medium sized businesses are particularly susceptible because they

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