SMBs are Highly Vulnerable to Cyber Attack

There are plenty of examples of recent internet security breaches with large companies.  But small and medium sized businesses are just as vulnerable to a cyber attack – if not more so.

Any size business can be infiltrated through different types of internet vulnerabilities.  Many small and medium sized businesses are particularly susceptible because they may have neglected software updates or not installed security software.

Managed IT services can help businesses minimize their risk of a cyber attack without the expensive investment of hiring full-time technical employees.

Some of the ways that Managed IT Services can help reduce your cyber attack risk include:

  • Validate all web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.  Older releases of these browsers had weaknesses that could allow a hacker or a virus to leak into your network.
  • Install and update firewall software and configure to block certain risky websites.  Employees may unknowingly click to access a certain site that then pushes malware into their system or steals sensitive company information.  By applying business policies and blocking only certain sites the risk of clicking on a malicious page is reduced.
  • Create junk email systems that will reduce dangerous email from popping into an employee inbox.  Some of these emails look legitimate but with one click could cause a virus to spread throughout your business network and beyond.
  • Manage anti-virus software and validate that it is installed and updated regularly.  Business anti-virus software can be a lifesaver for many businesses.  It can not only block most malicious attacks but it can also flag an attack that may have leaked through and should be quarantined.
  • Help to educate employees on computer vulnerabilities that also include USB drives and unsecured Wi-Fi connections.


With the right managed IT services partner you can reduce your risk of a cyber attack without breaking your budget. Contact us today for a no obligation technology risk assessment.