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create a print policy to reduce costs, RIS Solutions, Owen Sound, ON
19 May

Create a Print Policy to Reduce Costs in Your Office

If you’re like many small and mid-sized business owners, you’re always on the lookout for ways to reduce costs. One area that is often overlooked for savings is the office printing environment. Unnecessary printing costs can quickly add up, while energy expenses can get buried in the overall electric bill. Developing a Print Policy Introducing rules and behaviours

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15 Jul

The True Cost of Inkjet Printers Might Surprise You

That inkjet printer you have in your office might be costing you more than it’s worth. While many like the convenience of having personal inkjet printers, the cost of the ink they require can really add up. The shocking truth is that ink is one of the most expensive liquids around. One report states that it

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15 Oct

An Introduction to 3D Printing

There’s a lot of buzz lately online and in the news about 3D printing. Many business owners are not up to speed with the possibilities this technology offers to small business. 3D printing technology has been available since the early 1980’s, but it just became commercially available early 2010.  Since that time, the price of

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15 Aug

What Type of Supplies are Included in Your MFP Service Contract?

As a business owner, office manager or IT professional who is in charge of your company’s printing environment, you are probably all too familiar with the various types of cost per copy maintenance agreements you are typically required to sign. Before signing any new equipment agreement, however, you should look at it carefully to be

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16 Jul

Can You Reduce Your Printing Costs with a Rules Based Printing Strategy?

Time and again businesses have found that by having a structured and regimented process in place companies are able to increase their productivity while also lowering their operating costs.  From manufacturer assembly lines to legal practices to retail operations there should be well defined process steps along with business rules that are established to help

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23 Apr

How Can a Print Assessment Help Your Business?

Many customers that we speak with on a daily basis don’t really understand how a print assessment can help their business. Some think that the assessment will require a substantial investment of their time, while others believe that if an assessment is conducted then they are obligated to buy something new. Well the short answer

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