SMBs: Are You Making These Common Errors on Social Media?

The key to effective marketing is to get your message out to potential clients, helping to spread brand recognition and build trust. With so many people using social media, getting your business on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms can be an affordable and exciting way to connect with a wide range of potential clients. However, there are some common social media mistakes that can actually end up harming a small business.

Here are some common pitfalls to look out for:

1. Not Having a Strategy

Though social media accounts are easy and free to set up, you need to think about how the platform will fit your brand and further your interests. Each platform has its own distinct personality, and you should think about tailoring your message to each audience for maximum effect. Don’t forget to set up metrics so you can be sure your marketing efforts are working.

2. Not Interacting with Users

It’s not enough to simply post an advertisement, blog or article. Social media is exactly that – social. When users comment, it is an opportunity to form an ongoing relationship. Replying to comments shows that you are engaged and committed to the customer experience. Be sure to reply to both positive and negative feedback. How a business responds to criticism can really influence public opinion.

3. Not Providing Useful Content

If your social media account exists only to promote your service or product, potential customers will quickly grow bored and disengage. By providing useful content, including relevant articles and blogs, you can show how your business is uniquely positioned to help serve your potential clients.

4. Spamming

Just as you should never write in all caps online (it’s considered yelling), you should be very wary of sending direct messages over social media. Direct, or private, messages can be considered an invasion of privacy and harm your brand. Save direct communication for personally engaging about a specific issue, such as to resolve a problem, and always ask permission to contact them in this way.

Social media is just one way of interacting with potential clients to boost sales. While you shouldn’t count on it as your sole marketing strategy, a poor social media presence can significantly harm your business. Having a strategy and interacting with users in a meaningful and productive way can help establish your brand and build trust.

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