Paying Extra for Scanned Images on Your New Digital Copier?

The financial challenges that we have faced in Ontario and throughout Canada over the past several years have forced companies to step back and take a hard look at their overall operations and the way that they conduct business. Today, it’s necessary to analyze every dollar spent. For some it is a time for creative, intuitive thinking to remain successful. As a business person, you need to understand your bottom line.

One area that to be aware of and examine are hidden fees. Businesses across more and more industries are shifting costs onto their customers in order to remain competitive and grow their revenue streams. Small, incremental, hidden fees are cropping up everywhere from the mobile industry to airlines, and banks to name a few. In fact, hidden scanning fees are now even cropping up in the digital copier industry.

Hidden Fees Are All Around You!
Airlines have begun charging for baggage and the cost to fly your bags to Miami is almost as much as your ticket! It’s gotten so bad that Southwest Airlines built an entire advertising campaign around their “bags fly free” policy. Mobile carriers have jumped on the hidden fee bandwagon and customers are furious. Check your cell phone bill. You’ll likely find hidden fees for activation, minute limits, service charges, roaming charges, text and data charges even miscellaneous download fees. Banks have begun charging for deposits, cheques, ATM withdrawals and more!

Hidden Fees in The Copier Industry!
Check your digital copier bill. The surge in multifunction machines and hard copy scanners has led the way to per-transactions fees including per-scan charges. Similar to copy or print charges, each scan is counted as a “click” and charged as a transaction. It can cost your business hundreds of dollars annually and it is providing a new revenue stream for crafty vendors who are doing it. And just when you thought it was safe to scan!

Unlike the airline, mobile and banking industries, the digital copier industry has yet to be called to task for this practice. In fact, most companies aren’t even aware they’re being charged any additional scanning fees as they’re often implemented after the original equipment purchase/lease agreement has been signed.

I’m Not Paying That!
Knowledge is power. Go through your billing statements for your MFPs and digital copiers and look for scanning or any other unexplained charges or fees that you may come across. Contact your provider and ask if there will be any additional fees in the future. If you’re leasing or buying new equipment make sure to have your vendor clearly outline all of the fees and charges. It is simply smart business practice to empower yourself with knowledge!

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