Ways to Improve Employee Productivity

When it comes to employee productivity, workers who are engaged in their jobs are more productive. Studies show that feeling engaged leads to high rates of employee turnover and absenteeism, which ultimately costs millions of dollars in lost productivity. How can you improve engagement and productivity? Try these strategies.

Give them the Tools

Employees can’t do their jobs well with outdated and inefficient equipment. To this end, it’s important to be sure your hardware is well-maintained, and upgraded as necessary. Software must also be easy to use. Integrating apps that streamline workflows and simplify collaboration, such as Xerox apps for Xerox ConnectKey-enabled MFPs, can further equip your employees with productivity-raising tools.

Training is another key component. By training your employees upon hiring, and continuing training on an on-going basis, you can help employees keep their skills current while also gaining new skills that can benefit your business. Investing in training also improves employee engagement and satisfaction.

Encourage Autonomy

Allow employees to take ownership of their responsibilities and manage their own time within a deadline. Managers should be there to provide expectations and guidance, not to micromanage.

Consider Working Remotely

Employees who work remotely are often more productive and engaged with their jobs. Allowing this flexibility and investing in the tools to allow remote work can provide your employees and business a boost.

Foster a Supportive Work Environment

When employees feel valued, they are more engaged. You can create a more supportive environment in a variety of ways:

  • Have consistent two-way communication, so employees feel heard.
  • Support a healthy home/work balance, including vacation time and self-care.
  • Establish clear goals for success.
  • Give employees meaningful and challenging work.
  • Have positive, future-based communication.
  • Offer employee perks that provide enrichment or support employee interests.

Employee productivity directly equates to your company’s success, customer satisfaction and profits. Boosting productivity doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. By improving communication, allowing autonomy, providing a supportive workplace, and investing in your equipment and employee training, you can get your employees more engaged so they work more productively for you.

Are you searching for ways to make the upcoming year a more productive one? Contact a team member at RIS Solutions and let us help you create a print environment that will help you achieve a productive 2020!