Do You Know What Your Scanner Is Capable Of?

Keeping up with the latest technology has become a necessary part of doing business. In an age of digitization and mobilization, having the right equipment or software can mean the difference between getting ahead or being left behind. Before you feel compelled to run out and buy the newest device, however, take a look around your office – chances are, you may have missed out on a golden opportunity with a piece of equipment you already own: your scanner. Digital multifunction devices that print, copy and scan are frequently underutilized as many businesses are unaware of all they are capable of. Read on to learn more about what your scanner can do for you.

Digital Scanning Technology

Scanners were once designed to create fixed images, stored as image files. While serving a purpose at the time, scanner technology has evolved significantly, and can be used in a number of different ways to improve business processes and increase productivity. This latest technology is called Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and easily converts ordinary text on a page into editable text on your device. In addition to making data entry a thing of the past, the new format also makes it easy to copy, edit or paste, and quickly store, file or index as needed.

Here are four ways today’s scanner can improve your business:

  1. Scan to Drive – Scan documents directly to your network drive, where other employees can easily access information, and information is secure.
  2. Scan to Email – Rather than going through the laborious motions of faxing a document, scan and route information directly to the recipient’s email as a PDF file.
  3. Workflow – Route documents directly to your workflow process; staff will have immediate access to information and can monitor its progress.
  4. Automation – Since OCR renders your text editable, it can be instantly named, indexed, and added in with associated applications, and automatically generated with specific document types.

Your MFP is capable of much more than just printing and copying. Make the most of its scanning capabilities to easily streamline the never-ending flow of paper in your office.