5 Ways to Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Everyone knows that it’s important to treat your customers well, but did you know how important it really is? Studies show that the majority of customers are willing to pay more for a product if the company has excellent customer service, and businesses that prioritize customer service have a 60% higher profit margin. With so much riding on your customer service, isn’t it worthwhile improving yours? Her are some tips!

  1. Call them by name. Being recognized and called by name shows a customer that they are valued by your company. It’s even better if you can learn a little something about them over time. Also, sending personalized (and handwritten) greeting cards at birthdays and holidays can help set you apart from other businesses.
  2. Thank them, both publicly and privately. Your customers are what make your business succeed, so take the time to thank them for it. Sending notes of appreciation periodically will let them know you appreciate their business. You can also spotlight a “customer of the month” on your website, social media, and bulletin board for a public acknowledgement.
  3. Take criticism to heart. Every business will make mistakes, and if your customer takes the time to give you feedback you should listen to it and try to improve. By taking a customer’s suggestion for improvement, you show that you value their input. You can also reward them with a gift card as a thank you for helping your business grow.
  4. Share your knowledge. Demonstrations and workshops not only bring your customers into your business, they add value to your customers’ lives. Hosting these events will improve your relationship with your clients.
  5. Do business with them. Your customers also have jobs of their own – and many of them could provide valuable goods or services to you and your company. By making an effort to use your customers’ businesses, you are showing that you value their work. You’re also establishing a more solid relationship that benefits both their company and your own.

Good customer service goes beyond greeting everyone with a smile. To provide a truly exceptional experience you must be willing to get to know your customers on a more personal level to build a deeper relationship. This in turn will build loyalty to your company. By taking the time to focus on customer service, you are improving your reputation and boosting your bottom line.