5 Convincing Reasons Why Managers Need to Delegate

A realization that new managers need to have is that they don’t have the capacity to take care of every task that comes their way. As a manager, if you don’t know how to delegate, you’re setting yourself up for a long list of to-dos, and lots of long hours at the office.

Passing off the baton on a project that you’ve poured your blood, sweat, and tears into is not easy; however, embracing delegation can make a big difference in your career and help you to be perceived as a leader in your organization.

Here are five convincing reasons why it’s in your best interest to delegate:

1. You’re overqualified to handle the task.

Yes, you may know how to perform the task well and could do it in your sleep if you had to. However, now that you’ve advanced in your career, it’s time to handle the responsibility of to a capable team member. If you give your employees a chance to take ownership of the delegated task and shine, it will reflect positively on you as well. 

2. Delegating gives you an opportunity to develop your team.

If you think about the managers that you’ve had throughout your career, the best ones helped you to develop your skillset. Instead of quickly knocking out a task yourself, show your employees how to do it. Helping your direct reports to build their skills will make them feel fulfilled and help with employee retention. Plus, you’ll have a capable team that you can delegate tasks to when they arise.

3. You want your employees to trust you. 

If you’re constantly hanging onto all of the tasks and micromanaging every aspect of the projects that your employees are working on, they’re not going to trust you. Delegating assignments to your team will show that you respect them and trust that they will do a satisfactory job.

4. You can’t do it all.

If you try to take on every task that arrives on your plate, you’ll end up burning yourself out. Delegating will allow you to be a better leader and help to set your employees up for success. 

5. You want to foster a collaborative work environment.

If you want to encourage your team to work together towards a common goal, delegating tasks will make everyone feel that they’re making a valuable contribution to a project.

Mastering the ability to delegate will not only make your life easier, it will also empower your team as well.