4 Steps to a Greener Office

Steps to a Greener WorkplaceWith the recent celebration of Earth Day, now is the perfect time to consider ways to go green for the environment—at home and at your workplace.

How Green is Your Office?

Over the years, many companies have decided to implement green practices in their operations. Still others are trying to figure out how to “go green” and what areas of the office the changes would be the most impactful.   The good news is that it’s been proven that going green not only benefits the environment, but it can benefit the other green thing that matters—the profitability of your operation.

If You Want to Implement Green Practices, Consider Your Print Environment

There are  many opportunities to optimize your company’s print environment to go green and reduce expenses in the process. These environmentally savvy manuevers include:

  1. Using the appropriate hardware. Don’t waste time and energy on hardware that doesn’t fit your workflow. All printers are not the same size—nor do they all share the same level of efficiency.
  2. Eliminating unneeded printers. Every company probably has at least one printer they can do without. Maybe there are smaller printers in individual offices that don’t get used very often, or are unnecessary to overall productivity. Personal office printers are a drain on your print environment.
  3. Controlling the output of printed material. Don’t kill the trees! You can make two-sided printing the standard. Make black and white printing the default setting to save paper as well as expensive toner.
  4. Implementing a Managed Print strategy. A solid Managed Print Services (MPS) solution is a great way to ensure your print environment is as productive and efficient as it can be. If you need advice, we can help.


Start With a Professional Print Assessment For Your Workplace

The best way to determine the appropriate green printing solution that fits your specific needs is with a free, no-obligation print assessment. Having professionals evaluate your workflow, equipment and printing processes can give you the information you need to move ahead.